Advantages of the Saline System over 'Pool Chlorine'

Saline Systems eliminates the need to add ‘pool-chlorine’ chemicals, algaecide and ‘shock’ chemicals to the water. You will no longer need to purchase, handle or suffer the effects of packaged sanitizing/oxidizing pool chemicals and the problems and risks associated with their use.


Significant costs savings can be achieved by owners of commercial swimming pools and spas, water-park pools, water-features and other such applications which consume large quantities of chlorine. Home pool and spa owners realize less cost-savings due to the smaller quantities of chemicals required – and usually convert to the Saline System for reasons of personal and family health concerns, swimmer comfort, convenience and better water quality.


Healthy. A Saline Purification System will maintain perfectly healthy water, while eliminating the risks and problems associated with periods of very high or low chemical levels. FAC (Free and Available Chlorine) can be maintained at levels to comply with local Health Authority requirements.


Prevents algae growth. The constant ‘shocking’ of the water as it passes through the Saline System ‘cell’ together with consistently maintained sanitizer levels in the main water body will prevent the growth of all common algae.


Environmentally and Ecologically Positive. The Saline System eliminates the need to manufacture, transport and store ‘pool-chlorine’ type chemicals and instead uses only pure natural salt and then re-cycles that salt indefinitely. Re-cycling a natural product – what a concept!


Comfortable swimming environment. Users of swimming pools and spa pools enjoy the natural therapeutic and health benefits of the mild salt water - with none of the obnoxious effects usually suffered with manually-chlorinated water. Swimmers who suffer so-called ‘chlorine allergies’ will find relief from those symptoms in a saline pool. Other advantages for swimmers include NO RED EYES, NO IRRITATED SKIN, NO DAMAGED HAIR OR BATHING SUITS.

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A Customers Perspective


I have used Atlantis pools for about 3 years. They are reliable, responsive and innovative. When I first engaged them, Brian suggested and implemented a salt water system. It was a HUGE improvement.

Brian has also installed technology to control my pool remotely using WIFI, so I can spontaneously crank up the heat before I come out to the house, without wasting energy. Atlantis is great to work with on routine matters as well. Their employees are helpful and courteous. I recommend them without reservation.

Jim Korein, CEO, Omnispective Management Corp.