Vinyl Liner Pools

Hundreds of Pool Shapes and Sizes, Plus a Large Assortment of Steps and Benches

We have hundreds of standard steel pool shapes from which to choose when designing a pool. We can also produce custom shapes to meet every customer’s need. In addition, we offer a wide assortment of steel steps and benches so you can customize the pool the way you choose. As a Aqua Steele pool dealer we offer thousands of shapes and sizes. You can view some of the common shapes by visiting their Web site at


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Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are fast becoming the most popular type of the pools among home owners. This is because gunite pools lend themselves to all shapes and designs.

Gunite is a pneumatically applied concrete that is used in building swimming pools. For the past few decades, Gunite pools have been used in Olympic competitions. In fact, even the White House is fitted with one such pool.

Gunite pools lend themselves very well to free-form pools, decks and steps. Gunite is an excellent material to use in swimming pool designs that require a flowing shape with graceful curves. Natural stones and boulders may even be placed on the Gunite.

The advantages of a Gunite pool is that the home owner does not have to feel restricted to building one form of pool such as the diving pool, lap pool or the free flowing pool. Gunite can be laid to form any size and shape of swimming pool. The Gunite structure is then sealed with plaster which can be colored, mixed with color quartz crystals, and/or embedded with mosaic tiles and mini-pebbles. The concrete can then be shaped, colored or embedded with some designs.

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"I decided to hire Atlantis Pools to construct my vinyl liner pool. They were recommended highly by the building department. From the day we first broke ground to the day the water filled my pool, Atlantis completed the job on time and in a professional manner. I would recommend them without hesitation."

- Mike Felice NYPD