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Commercial Pools for Physical Therapy, Rehab & Sports Conditioning

As the most versatile aquatic therapy, conditioning and hydrotherapy rehab pools on the market, SwimEx pools are available in several models to meet your facility’s needs. From aquatic therapy and conditioning for athletes and sports teams to hydrotherapy pool rehab and recovery at physical therapy facilities, SwimEx is the answer.

SwimExSwimEx Pools:


We can assist you in the planning and decision-making process for purchasing your SwimEx pool with a return on investment (ROI) spreadsheet suited to your business.


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Commercial Hot Tub

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Designed for Enjoyment, Ease, Endurance and Efficiency.

As a dealer partners, we are committed to delivering on our promises. Our hot tubs stand the test of time, and we stand behind them. If you are considering a hot tub, we ask that you look closely at Hot Spring spa.

Wouldn't it be great to come home, escape to your Hot Spring spa, and feel the cares of the day melt away? You'll feel better and you can be confident that you'll enjoy the benefits of relaxation, reconnection and rejuvenation for years to come. Your home is your sanctuary, and now is a great time to add to its enjoyment and warmth.

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Join the Hot Spring Spas family, and to enjoy the absolute best hot tub ownership experience.

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